Travel Insurance For Seniors

Travelling as a senior comes with its perks which may include free access or having reduced rates to see the various tourist attractions worldwide. Being a senior also comes with its disadvantages too, especially when trying to get travel insurance, the high prices situation of seniors command especially when they have an existing medical condition.

Some insurance companies avoid the risk of insuring anyone above the age of 65, and even if they do, they increase premiums by doubling the amount. Travelling can pose certain risks to people above the age of 65, why because they’re more fragile than those below their age. For seniors that do not have existing medical conditions and for those that do, they need the seniors travel insurance to protect them while travelling.

Here are some of the reasons senior travelers need this type of insurance;

  • Medical emergencies: when travelling, a senior is most likely going to encounter new experiences like new weather conditions, foreign food, new environment etc. Should a medical emergency like stroke happen in such an unfamiliar environment, only adequate insurance can cover for such emergency.
  • Preexisting medical conditions: the older one gets the more susceptible we become to illnesses. Should a preexisting condition occur while travelling, the right insurance should have you covered. If the insurance agency was not informed of such conditions before buying the policy, the coverage becomes invalid.
  • Medical evacuations: travelling in a region that do not have top notch medical facilities to cater for a medical emergency can prove to be a major problem. Seniors travel insurance should cover such emergencies should it occur. You will be transported to the best medical facilities around and after treatment, you will be taken home.
  • Canceled tour: sometimes cruises and tours may have serious financial problems that you might not have knowledge of before booking. Other times, circumstances beyond our control could lead to cancelling your tour. When this happens how do you get your money back if you do not have insurance?
  • Stolen luggage: as a senior, monitoring and carrying luggage could be a bit tasking and being in an unfamiliar territory could pose a lot of security challenges. Your luggage could be stolen right before you with all your valuables in it. With a seniors travel insurance you can be reimbursed for the basic things you need to continue with your trip.
  • In need of advice or help: going to a country with a language you don’t understand will lead to a lot of complications, you need all the help you can get. Travel advice is always given out to people who purchase this insurance policy and there’s a 24/7 helpline dedicated to you if you need legal advice or assistance of any sort.

As a senior citizen, ensure you declare preexisting health problems as this worries insurers the most. If you fall sick for a condition you did not declare before travelling, the insurer will not pay the claim. If you have any doubt before buying the insurance, talk to a representative of the company and have the conversation recorded in writing. Your premium may not increase significantly and then again it may lead to a specific exclusion on treatment or your claim might be rejected.