How To Fix Common Problems With Electric Doors And Shutters

Screen doors and sliding doors provide a wonderful way for you to enjoy the outdoors without actually leaving the comfort of your home. However, like everything else that needs your constant monitoring, or they will be just an ugly reminder of neglect.

Unlike the conventional security doors and some screen doors which only need you to clean the screens and maybe check on the frame every so often, sliding doors, retractable security doors and roller shutters present a different kind of challenge since they are prone to more terrible wear and tear. Sooner than later, you will have to dig deep just to open the door because your kids just won’t be able to do it by themselves anymore.

Roller shutters are used to protect windows and doors during storms and tough weather while screen doors allow for a steady flow of cool, fresh air in the warmer months especially in areas like South Florida and some parts of Africa especially East and Southern Africa.

If you are looking for remote control, motorised or simple electric roller shutters then you need to ensure that they are installed correctly by a professional company. If you find that the shutters are not working or the doors are not responding to a remote command, the first thing you should do is contact your electric roller shutter company.

Another thing to do is inspect the chain and roller track. If a shutter is not going as high as it is supposed to be, then chances are that the chain is rusty and needs to be replaced. If your sliding doors make a squeaky sound and take a little more just to get them open, then it could be a sign that there is a build-up of dirt on the tracks or particles lodged in the tracks. In this case, you need to deep clean the tracks.

Lubrication is one of the major things people forget about when it comes to roller shutters, sliding and retractable security doors. The thing is, mechanised parts need to be lubricated every so often and when this does not happen, opening the doors leading to the pool area would be like listening to nails on a chalk board. This also applies to roller shutters. It can be very annoying to your neighbours having to listen to your garage doors open and close every single time you leave the house. The only way to avoid being branded ‘the annoying neighbour’ is just to take some time to oil up thee gears and wheels.

Mechanised doors need you to do some maintenance on the motor if it is still in good working condition. However, if it is an old damaged motor, you may want to get a new one altogether to replace it. It is important to note that getting a motor that is more resistant to rust would be your best bet to getting more life out of your roller shutters and sliding doors. Also, sometimes motors can overheat and cause the doors and shutters not to work. However, just letting the motor cool down before you try opening the doors and shutters again can be the difference between getting the doors to open normally and causing permanent damage.

Finally, it is important to note that even though electric doors and shutters are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use, lack of simple maintenance may cause you to incur high costs of replacing them. There's nothing wrong with simply choosing manual roller shutters, check out this company by following this link and you can find all sorts of options for manual roller shutters. There is no security compromise in choosing manual shutters, just quality of life. Some may even say that manual shutters are even more secure than motorised shutters too!