Emergency Dentistry

When dental problems occur, they can be quite painful, this becomes worse when the pain strikes when you least expect. Not regarding the time of day, accidents may occur without prior warning. Dental emergencies sometimes happen when we’re not in proximity to an open dental office. The best thing to do is evaluate the situation in such instances.

Toothaches are the best indicators that there is a problem with your teeth. The pain can come in different types, it could be a dull ache or an agonizing pain, it is best you know when to head immediately to the dentist’s office. Situations where the pain increases to an unbearable level, there is every possibility the problem may be an abscess, a crack, or a cavity. Other mouth injuries may include a knocked out teeth caused when you try to chew food that’s way too hard. Depending on the location of the tooth and how severe the injury is, sometimes the injury can wait, while sometimes it’s best to take palliative measures before going to see the dentist.

Emergency dental professionals are best situated to handle these situations and more. They are able to remedy emergency abscesses, tooth extractions and chipped teeth. During the weekend and in the middle of the night when these kind of dental pain occur, emergency dentists and provide the much needed relief to alleviate whatever pain you’re in.

To know how severe dental pain can be, it is rated as one of the most severe types of pain known to man, hence you can understand the value of emergency dentists. With severe dental pain, the ability to work, eat or drink well is seriously limited. In situations where you may need to help yourself immediately while you’re waiting for a dentist, there are a number of things you can do which are listed below.

Knocked out tooth

In a situation where your tooth is knocked out, the first thing to do is try fixing the tooth back in the socket, try handling the tooth as less as possible. Do not hold the root end, hold it from the crown. To help in this process, rinse the area where the tooth is broken with warm water, bite down on a tea bag, clean piece of cloth or a moist gauze, and try not to swallow the tooth. Where you can’t insert the tooth back in the socket, put the tooth in a cup filled with milk or water and see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Broken tooth

For tooth aches, search and recover the broken fragments, get warm water to rinse the area where the tooth was broken and finally put a cold compress on the injured area.

Broken Wires and Braces

Check if the appliance can come out easily, only then should you try to remove it. Wait for a dentist if you notice the wire is caught in any part of your mouth (it could be the gum, tongue or cheek). Any area or edge you notice is protruding should be covered with gauze or a moist cotton ball. As long as there’s no discomfort, it may not be necessary for you to visit the dentist.

Cut lip, cheek or bitten tongue

The first thing to do is to apply gentle pressure on the bleeding area to stop the bleeding, you can also apply ice on the injured area. If the bleeding does not seem to abate see an emergency dentist immediately,