Hookturn Industries – creators of the reusable BYO Coffee Cup™ and the Bubbaccino made from silicone

The BYO Coffee Cup™ has been invented to reduce waste by encouraging everyone to 'Bring Your Own' every time you buy a take-away coffee. Bubbaccino is an indestructible Babycino size cup to save mums and cafes from breakages. All our cups are barista approved and industry standard sizes. So keep refilling your cup.

Hookturn is a collective that want to celebrate Melbourne-ness. Its places. Its look. Its people. Its passions. Our name comes from the traffic signs that help cars and Melbourne trams peacefully co-exist. Each Hookturn sign is a reminder that sometimes you have to turn left to go right.

Latest Hookturn News:


ALL 8oz - $10 and ALL 12oz - $12 While stocks last!


Hookturn is off to the Peoples Market

Yes that's right the BYO Coffee Cup and some Bubbaccinos are heading to Peoples Market in Collingwood. Saturday 8th and 15th December 2013.

We look forward to meeting you...here are some details.

There will be Street food available for lunch 12pm – 3pm & dinner 5pm – Late
Bar + Beer Garden 12 pm – late (serves drinks, & sugar and fat goodness – score!!)
Padre Coffee & Movida/ Breakfast Container – 8 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday Side Market – Saturday only – 10- 4 pm

click here for more info



Hookturn heart Melbournalia

We're proud to be apart of Melbournalia 2012/13

Have you heard of Melbournalia?

It's Local Designs made with love. A pop up gift store that celebrates all things Melbourne.
Not only is it Great for Chrissy gifts, but you're supporting local Artists, Designers and Business. It's a win win really!

Open from Late November till Late February
155 Victoria Street Melbourne
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

It's even open late on Wednesday nights during the Suzuki Night Market.

I can't wait to check it out...


Message in a Bottle Campaign KO's waste

The BYO coffee cup features in a video for a new campaign called Message in a Bottle – a competition with a conscious

The Message In A Bottle Campaign is a call out for creative types around Australia to design a work inspired by the thought of living a life less plastic, in a new environmental art & design competition.

Thier aim, like ours, is stamping out single use take away items. Did you know every piece of plastic ever made still exists today!!!

Follow the campaign at miab.net.au


From Sept 17 – 5 Nov 2012, anything is Pozible!

Design Emergency Initiative

Object: Australian Design Centre Fundraiser

Here’s an initiative we want everyone to get behind. 
The folks at Object: Australian Design Centre www.object.com.au are running a fundraiser for their unique Design Emergency initiative.

Design Emergency takes design thinking into primary schools, and using a variety of techniques and resources, it encourages children to identify, think about, and solve problems that affect them and their lives.

This hugely successful program aims to instill design thinking and principles into 8-11 year old students, with the hope that these creative problem-solving processes can be applied more broadly across the curriculum to build an understanding of the design process in their
formative years.   

A Pozible fundraising campaign from September 17 to 5 October will help make Design Emergency available to a number of schools in 2012.  The program has already been successfully trialled, and more funds are needed so more children can benefit.

Please go to www.pozible.com/objectdesignemergency to make a small (or big) donation to this exceptionally worthwhile cause.

Hookturn Industries are proud to be supporting Design Emergency.


BYO says velkommen to Norge

Have you noticed we’re going bi-lingual here? Or maybe that’s BYO-lingual!!  Well that’s about the extent of our Norwegian – but we do want to say a big hello to Solvieg Roine who is our new stockist for Scandinavia in the city of Drammen. in Norway.

We are delighted to hear that the Norwegians drink even more coffee per head than us down here in Melbourne – we salute you!   And of course, they are very sensitive to the needs of the environment – as well as being just about the most designer friendly place on the planet. I guess that’s three reasons why they chose the BYO Coffee Cup.

We think it’s fitting that our little cup will be keeping coffee warm in this beautiful country. And if you’re reading this from the city of Drammen, hello to you.  Send us a pic of you and your BYO Coffee Cup and we’ll post it on our website to introduce you to all the BYO’ers here in Australia.


Carbon Down – Switch to save series

A climate change partnership between VECCI and the Victorian Government

Find out more about the damage disposable coffee cups are having on our planet in this series of short videos by Carbon Down, a climate change partnership between VECCI and the Victorian Government.

The video link below features the BYO Coffee cup as a disposable alternative so you can help save the planet, one coffee at a time. Plus there are tons of great Carbon Saving tips too.

Watch the video below or click here to see whole series.


1 day of discarded takeaway paper coffee cups!!

This photograph shows just one day’s worth of discarded paper coffee cups from just one Melbourne city building.

Are you shocked? We are. Just imagine a year long pile. The BYO Coffee Cup is trying to reduce this sort of thing.

Photograph kindly supplied by Great Forest, Australia. A group who advise business and Government departments on managing their sustainable initiatives.

Thank you Great Forest for the pic – and the really interesting insights into dealing with waste in a sustainable way.


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Sometimes you have to turn left to go right.

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The BYO Coffee Cup™ is the only reusable take-away cup made from food-grade silicone that you can keep.

Now you can save the planet one coffee at a time with the BYO Coffee Cup™ by Hookturn Industries.